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When I'm not being a serious Graphic Designer, I disappear from the real world and emerge with some art that my imaginings have dreamed up. 

Colour, fantasy, whimsical, or just plain pretty is what I like.

Galaxy Queen

This green queen beauty was where I broke the ice in starting my own original painting designs. 

She had a hesitant beginning, but she made it "to infinity and beyond".

Lady Sweet Tooth

Chocolate, sprinkles, cupcakes, rock candy and lollipops... Did I miss anything?


Just One Bite

What can I say, I had a craving for sugar while I was attempting (and failing) a low sugar diet.
Thus was born my little buck toothed, bodiless sugar addict. 

The Future Is Now

I loved the 'Back to the Future' trilogy when I was a kid. Still do!!
So I couldn't resist doing an artwork tribute for Back to the Future Day on 21st October 2015.